Run With

Runforge, coming in 2020, is incentivising people to get fit and start running in a whole new way.

Get running. Track stats better.

Run along tailor-made running routes based on user-specified criteria, or just run wherever you want. Collect stats, info and feedback on each and every run.

Collect energy as you run.

Collect our in-game currency, energy, as you run. The more you run, the more you collect. Use it to purchase buildings, plants and many more things to deck out your interactive park.

Deck out your interactive park.

Spend the energy you earn on building up and developing your park! Take it from a mere small patch of land with just a few trees to a large interactive park, buzzing with life and visitors.

Meet Us

Dan and Jack are both studying computer science at the University of York, and are looking to, together, build Runforge from the ground up.

Dan's Face
Dan Yates

CEO & Co-Founder

Dan's Face
Jack Thoo-Tinsley

COO & Co-Founder

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